Study Tour Sweden 2012

Eco4Life Study Tour SOUTH SWEDEN

Baltic Diabetes Initiative Baltic Green Hospital GxP business incubator Malmö & Lund
24th – 28th September 2012


The study tour 2012 delegacy of Eco4Life Project partners & x representatives of academia and SMEs from the project area took part in two days:

Day one:LifeScience, Day Two:Green Valley .

The first one, Lifescience visit was held on 24th September 2012. During this part, project partners had a meeting with partners from Invest in Skåne AB, Clintrial and Lund Univeristy Diabetes Center at Univeristy Hospital in Malmo and also  MediconVillage in Lund. They discussesed topics such as:

personalized diabetes care and links between diabetes and oncology

interactions between universities – hospitals and clinical trials

regional government involvement and Region Skane biobank.

On 25th Septemeber members of Eco4Life Project & representatives of SMEs took part in Green tech visit, which aim was to present innovative solutions introduced in Swedish hospitals, concerning:

Functional and Holistic Building Design of the New Infection and Emergency Clinic 

Hazardous Waste to Energy

System Solutions for a Sustainable Hospital

EnergyEfficiency and Refurbishment

During this visits, A Letter of Intend between Invest in Skane and BioCon Valley as legal cluster manager of the Eco4Life Clusters Baltic Green Healthcare, Baltic Diabetes Cluster and Baltic Biomaterial Cluster was signed for the common development of services and products for the regions of Skane. The members of the both organizations/networks will undertake concerted efforts for the purpose of establishing a long-term mutually beneficial collaboration.

Organized by Lead Partner          


List of participants

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