Workshops Lithuania

No.1 19.11.2010

"Life and Ecology Science - Entrepreneurship under Development of Cross Border Cooperation '' (Programm)

1. Ecology and Life Science Contact Office Establishment in Klaipeda and its Perspectives
Ecology and Life Science Contact Office Establishment in Klaipeda and its Perspectives, Dr. Olga Belous, Klaipeda University   Download    

2. ''Eco4Life project - Now and beyond 2013 - an Introduction'' ; ''BioCon Valley Mecklenburg - Vorpommern A Small Cluster for Life Science and Health to Boost Science into Products'', Dr. Heinrich Cuypers, BioCon Valley   Download   

3. ''Polish Vision of Life Science Development (Szczecin Case) or Life Science Development Vision in Poland (Szczecin Case)'' ; ''Communication and Dissemination of Eco4Life Project'', Dr. Karolina Ertmanska, PUM Szczecin   

4. ''Ecology and Life Science Contact Office Establishment in Klaipeda and it's Perspectives'', R. Stumbriene, Science and Technology Park      

5. ''Cross - border Cluster Development'', Dr. Gudrun Mernitz, BioCon Valley GmbH   Download      

6. ''Training in Science - Entrepreneurship program development'', Svetlana Markova, Klaipeda University      

7. ''ScanBalt - A North European Approach for Bio Economy Development - A Lithuanian Perspective'', Dr.Daumantas Matulis, Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius         

No.2 27.12.2011

''Resources management at Seamen Hospital'

The first visual possibility to acquaint with Klaipeda Seamen's Hospital activities was realized through organizing the workshop at December 27 2011. By project Lithuanian manager associate professor Olga Belous. Project staff and interested persons from Klaipeda University participated in this event. The aim of this workshop was to obtain information about the current situation of Seamen's Hospital and to discuss about environmental innovations are needed. The workshop participants were introduced to the Seamen's Hospital structure and activities.

Stakeholders were given the opportunity to visit the hospital department, wards, and laboratories, to watch waste disinfection process. Participants were introduced to the waste management system advantages and disadvantages, it was discussed the possibility of setting up new systems. The main output of the workshop was to get understanding about whole management system and to identify environmental issues.


No.3 22.02.2012

''ISO 14000 environmental management system, Green Hospital''

1. Life Science and Green Valley,Prof. Dr. Olga Belous, Klaipeda University   Download 

2. ''Resource and waste management of the current situation in health care centers of plunge city'', R.Zubrickienė, Senior nursing administrator of familly clinic ,,Inesa''   Download      

3. ''Green hospitals Concept Presentation'', E. Vitunskaitė, Postgraduate Download

4. ''ISO 14000 environmental management system, Green Hospital, results of the survey'', M. Zubrickaite, Postgraduate  Download

No.4 15.05.2012

''ISO 14001 - Implementation of Environmental Management System in  medical facility, Sample of Medical diagnostic and treatment center''




No.6 17.01.2013

Meeting with the Seamen's Hospital leadership to discuss opportunities for cooperation

Prof. Dr. Olga Anne, Klaipeda University, "Eco4Life project review"

Ilona Bumblienė, Klaipeda Seaman's Hospital, "Hospital waste load"

No.7 30.05.2013

Workshop with Seaman's Hospital's management to discuss the handover of waste recycling options

Eglė Vitunskaite, "KU"

Vidas Misikonis, JSC "Klaipeda Recycling"

Vidas Puidokas, "Personal V. Puidokas enterprice"