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Physiolution GmbH

PTA, CTA or chemical laboratory
for research and development laboratory

The Physiolution GmbH is an innovative company specialized in the investigation on the
release of solid oral dosage forms under biorelevant test conditions.
Physiolution is looking for an employee for various development projects in the area
pharmaceutical analysis.

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BIG Bildungszentrum in Greifswald gGmbH

The BiG Education Center in Greifswald is your local and nationwide provider of training and retraining in Greifswald, Stralsund, Neubrandenburg, Rostock and across national borders.

BIG-Education Centre cooperates with the technical university of Szczecin.

Professor Mikolaj Protasowicki, rector of the Zachodniopodmorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie  and Mrs. Antje MAyfarth, manager of the BIG-Education Center have signed a cooperation agreement in Szczecin.

The Delegation from Greifswald visited the new Education and Research Center for Renewable Energy in Szczecin.

“We want to establish ourselves as a crossborder service provider for the energy industry. For that we need powerful partners.” Said Mrs. Antje Mayfarth, which offers the training course for the International Energy Manger since September 2012.

BIG Bildunszentrum in Greifswald is always interested in receiving applications from students and trainees which we would like to forward for you to our partner.



BioArtProducts GmbH

The BioArtProducts GmbH is a service and consulting company with many years of service to medical facilities. The company operates primarily in the areas of medical research on extracorporeal detoxification, quality management in health care and the development of proprietary software for medical studies and registries. Also, the BioArtProducts GmbH supports health facilities to implement cross-sectoral collaborative  structures.

The company is looking for IT studentsfor internship, prefered from the Eco4Life partner regions of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Westpomerania and Klaipeda Region.

Internship Software Development (EDC- systems)

Internship Software Development (Mobile Applications)

Cortronic GmbH

CORTRONIK combines decades of stable facilities in technological expertise with regularly state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing technologies. Cortronik don’t only finds technologies and materials that meet the high quality standards anywhere in the world, but also internally develop superior expertise and create their own technologies so that they can not only secure the supply but also source in based on a very high level of competency.

Cortronik guides their employees along a path of discovery, understanding, and learning — achieving a continuous cycle of personal and professional growth, no matter what position they have. That ensures, for example, that their production teams don’t just follow a step-by-step instruction to build a device to a specification—they understand why the specification has been written in the way that it has. This results in precision production, and each team member can also offer real insight into the potential for efficiency and quality enhancements.

The commitment to develop their people, and the respect that they feel for their contribution, results in a high level of employee loyalty and some of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Many Cortronik employees become lifelong members of a family, caring for each other as much as they care for the products they create.

Cortronic is always interested in receiving applications from students and trainees which we would like to forward for you to our partner.



Based on unique patented technolgy since its founding in 2006, GILUPI has developed new diagnostic products for the in vivo isolation or rare cells from curculating blood. The focus of GILUPI is on prenatal and cancer diagnostic market. The GILUPI method is a novel technology platform which ist expected to have a decisive impact on the cell-based molecular diagnostic market.

GILUPI GmbH is always interested in receiving applications from students and trainees which we would like to forward for you to our partner.


University Medicine Greifswald, Newborn Screening

Task of the Newborn Screening is to detect treatable metabolic diseases and endocrine disorders as early as possible so that every child, through early treatment and diet could have normal development.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is the first federal state in Germany which will offer in future an additional screening on cystic fibrosis for newborns. On Monday, the 15th October 2012, the project and the expansion of Newborn Screening were presented to invited members of the media.
"In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern all newborns have a right to a Newborn Screening for congenital, treatable diseases of the metabolism and hormones. This didn´t include a study on cystic fibrosis until now" said the director of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Professor Matthias Nauck. "Cystic fibrosis is a common and very serious inherited metabolic diseases in Central Europe. An early diagnosis is very important for the affected patients. "

In the press conference, followed by laboratory tour, the study methodology and the medical importance of early detection were presented. The project is realized within the framework of the Operational Programme "European Territorial Cooperation" -"Cross-border cooperation" of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,Brandenburg and the Republic of Poland (VoivoidshipZachodniopomorskie) with the Interreg IV A project "PomScreen".

Trainees and doctors from the partner regions of Eco4Life are warmly welcome to get an impression of the Newborn Screening methods in Germany.


Students & trainees looking for training or internship

Geo-informatics student from Klaipeda University, Lithuania

Mr.Gintaras Kavaliauskas from Klaipeda University is looking for institutes or companies in Germany which offer him to practice in map preparation by using GIS and other IT programs.

Faculty: Nature and mathematical science, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Course: 1st year of master
Program: geo - informatics