Klaipeda 2010

The international meeting “Life and Ecology Sciences – Entrepreneurship under Development of Cross Border Cooperation“ was held in Lithuania, Klaipeda “Old Port” hotel seminar hall organised by Klaipeda University, from 19 to 20 November, 2010.

Representatives of ScanBalt, BioCon Valley, Pomerania Medical University, Biochemistry Institute, Biotechnology Institute, Klaipeda University, CORPI of Klaipeda University, Science and Technology Park, Latvian Biotechnology Association, JSC „Beamo“, JSC „Grigaicio apiary“, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian Municipalities Association, JSC “Valdymo sistemos”, Vezaiciai Agriculture Institute, Palanga municipality, Ecology club “Zvejone and other relevant organizations attended the meeting. Total amount of the participants was 36.”

The meeting was aimed at promulgating the information about the project “Eco4Life” and making public perspectives for cooperation. The project partners, the core purpose of the project, its design, as well as the concrete activities to be carried out were presented at this meeting.

It was focused on establishing of a regional contact point with a network of experts in science, economy and administration that will enable the transfer and exchange of regional competencies. The strong regional and international network will stimulate cross border cooperation and boost development of young and successful companies in the regions. It was mention as well, that for a fruitful functioning of the contact point a needs and competences analysis should be conducted. The initial step of the analysis in terms of handing out of the first version of the Questionnaire was taken. The participants of the meeting got the Questionnaire in both Lithuania and English languages.

At the meeting, the participants shared their information with the project partners by making presentations and intensive communicating during the breaks.

The ScanBalt representative Mr. Daumantas Matulis introduced ScanBalt™ fmba (in short ScanBalt), the organization for the Baltic Sea Region’s Life science community ,which serves as a service provider for the members and promotes ScanBalt BioRegion as a globally competitive Green Valley and Health Region.

Dr. Racys explained main points of oiled wastewater treatment using biosorbers that his team has been working on recently.

A number of appropriate questions were asked by the participants, but as the most active in questioning Dr. Gintautas Sironas from JSC Beamo must be named; besides, he informed the meeting about a project his company was finalizing and invited to visit the project website.

During the panel discussion, many participants introduced their organization and described the work they were involved. Some offers were made, such as Latvian Biotechnology Association invited Vezaiciai Agriculture institute to cooperate with Latvian Biotech.

The host of the meeting, the University of Klaipeda, was presented other ongoing projects such as Remowe, Submariner and Genesis where it is participating.