Copenhagen, Denmark

ScanBalt fmba, Copenhagen (SB) is the organisation for the BSR Life science community, ScanBalt BioRegion. SB is a not-for-profit fee based member association which serves as a service provider for the members. It promotes SB BioRegion as a globally competitive green valley and health region. The regional/national networks and clusters together with public authorities, industries and hospitals constitute the basis for SB.
SB is a mediating, coordinating and communicating umbrella and/or platform. The secretariat is located in Copenhagen, liaison offices are in Tartu, Gdansk and Rostock.
SB will support Eco4Life by implement networking to experts outside South Baltic. SB will host the web page of the project and assists to update it after projects finalization. SB will open ways for dissemination of press releases to international scientific journalists (own contrib.). SB will manage the advisory board of the project on a subcontract basis (comp.5).

Read Gene SA
Szczecin, Poland

Read-Gene (RG) is a company of innovative technologies, which aim is to commercialize methods of detection, prevention and treatment of the most common types of malignant tumors. It is an Intellectual Property company set up in September 2005 to promote a worldwide deployment of genetic cancer tests, supplements, drugs and protocols based on the pioneering research, extensive data-gathering and large-scale testing in cancer genetics carried out by its founders in Poland for more than ten years. Most of fathers and shareholders of RG respected scientists, working in International Hereditary Cancer Center under the guidance of Prof. Jan Lubinski, who is also RG CEO. It is the first life science company in Szczecin. RG has an exclusive agreement with the Medical University to license the relevant Intellectual Property. RG will benefit from the project by getting better access to cross-border cooperation. RG will participate in regional workshops, bringing in entrepreneur expertise.

West-Pomeranian Center of Advanced Technologies,
Szczecin, Poland

The West-Pomeranian Centre of Advanced Technologies (ZCZT), Szczecin, is a consortium of the academic institutions West Pomeranian University of Technology, Medical University and the company IRMA. It is the goal of the consortium to strengthen interdisciplinary research and development with focus on polymer, technology and molecular genetics and to strengthen economic development in Szczecin region in these branches. ZCZT has successfully realised cross border activities, e.g. the bilateral conferences with BioCon Valley since 2001. ZCZT will support Eco4Life by participating in regional workshops, network to experts in science and economy, and bring in experiences in the efforts to develop KBBE in the region.

Klaipeda Science and Technology Park
Klaipeda, Lithuania

Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KSTP) is a centre of an innovation culture and business fosterage founded in 2002. It is responsible for the development of modern scientifically susceptible technologies, to provide infrastructural and consulting services for innovative enterprises and business ideas in Western Lithuania. KSTP carries out projects enhancing entrepreneurship and realises technology transfer. A modern infrastructure, dynamic international activity and the competence ensures high work perfomance. KSTP will contribute to the project through participation in regional workshops, spreading information among economic activities organizers. KSTP will support regional life science office establishment for enlarging Lithuanian society knowledge in this new area. KSTP will take part in WP 3, 5 and 6 and contribute to dissemination and prolongation of ideas coming from training activities into wide scale of international cross border cooperation.