Eco4Life Conference on LifeScience and Green Valley, 14th – 15th October 2013, Szczecin, Poland

The Conference is the 3rd International Conference within the Eco4Life project framework with topics from Life Science and Cross Border Cooperation.
The meetings at the Conference on the topics of

- Oncology
- Diabetes
- Cardiometabolic Risk                            

as well as the connected Conference Workshop “Baltic Apheresis Workshop” serve as communication platform and tool for cross-border knowledge exchange, technology transfer and partnering.
The Conference shall attract international awareness to the South Baltic Region. Additionally, the Szczecin conference is organized as Pre-ScanBalt Forum 2013 event, which takes place from 16th-18th October 2013 in Gdansk, Poland. The joint organization and realization of both events, as well as the Conference conclusions will contribute to the implementation of the Eco4Life project results into the ScanBalt innovation agenda ISIS (within the Flagship “Health Port”)

Find here the actual conference flyer

and the actual program of the Apheresis workshop