Invest in Skåne

A Letter of Intend between Invest in Skane and BioCon Valley as legal cluster manager of the Eco4Life Clusters Baltic Green Healthcare, Baltic Diabetes Cluster and Baltic Biomaterial Cluster
was signed for the common development of services and products for the regions of Skane and the partners of Eco4Life.
The members of the both organizations/networks will undertake concerted efforts for the purpose of establishing a long-term mutually beneficial collaboration.

Both parties agree to exercise their best efforts to develop the following forms of cooperation: 

1.   Establish ties of cooperation

2.   Promote mutual understanding, academic and economic collaboration, and personnel exchanges.

3.   Work towards more formal, complex, and binding agreements

The priority areas of collaboration are so far, but not limited to: Diabetes Management, Sustainable HealthCare, Clinical Trials and Healthy Food.

Invest in Skåne is the official regional promotion agency facilitating inward investment to Sweden’s southernmost region Skåne, as well as promoting internationalisation of the regional industry. Invest in Skåne provides free professional advice and services to companies considering Skåne for future investment and/or expansion. Invest in Skåne also assists Swedish companies to find international partners.

Invest in Skåne is one of the official organizations promoting the life science cluster Medicon Valley, which today is one of the world's leading life science clusters. Medicon Valley has groundbreaking research groups within cancer, diabetes, neuroscience, inflammation and infectious diseases. In addition, Medicon Valley shows a unique interplay between businesses, hospitals, universities and public research institutions, resulting in a dynamic environment rich in innovation a knowledge sharing.