Battling pounds with plants

Too much, too fat, too unbalanced – unhealthy nutrition is a significant threat to public health. A growing number of people suffer from obesity, high cholesterol levels, and connected diseases or have developed allergies against certain ingredients. A potential cure for this dilemma has blue blossoms and thrives even on the meager soils of the North German plains: the sweet blue lupine. An example for a strategy that food production engineers and nutritionists think highly of. The scientists plan to substitute animal substances like casein, egg white, milk, or meat by pure plant based substances without losses in taste and sensation.

The sweet blue lupine complies perfectly with these requirements. Being one of the world’s most albuminous crop plants,far ahead of competitors like field beans, peas, and wheat.Another advantage: contrary to the named protein sources the sweet blue lupine is characterized by a neutral aromatic profile. Thus, it can be used as ingredient for various food stuffs without significantly altering their taste or texture.

Plant with potential

These advantages were also recognized by BioCon Valley ® . About seven years ago project manager Katrin Petersen started looking for fellow campaigners and began tying a network.

In 2006 she organized an innovation forum in Rostock bringing together representatives of the entire value chain – from growers to food producers – to fathom the potential of the sweet blue lupine. The forum resulted in the definition of the growth cluster “PlantsProFood” aiming at improving the plant by cultivation and uncovering potential uses in foodstuffs. Support came from the Federal Ministry of Research and Education, supporting the project until 2013. The research is done amongst others at Julius Kühn-Institut in Groß Lüsewitz, at Rostock University, and at Fraunhofer Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung. As business partner participate amongst others Saatzucht Steinach GmbH, ProLupin GmbH, Greifen-Fleisch GmbH, Stadtbäckerei Junge and Rügen Feinkost GmbH. A good example for successfully bringing together research and SMEs.

Tasty results

The alliance has achieved first tangible results. Beginning in early 2011 the supermarket chain EDEKA offers “Lupinesse” ice cream in many of their branches. This pure plant treat is completely free of lactose and cholesterol. Instead it contains lupine proteins. A tasty and healthy alternative for people with an lactose intolerance and those who need to especially watch their cholesterol level as well as nutrition-conscious connoisseurs.

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