PIGMENT is a producer of water-born goods to a little extent aggravating the condition of the natural environment. The Company’s assortment includes:

  • dispersion (emulsion) paints, indoor and facade, latex, acrylic, silicone, silicate, epoxy, photocatalytic and dry glue (starch) and cement paints
  • acrylic rendering plasters, indoor and facade
  • mineral cement and anhydrite plasters
  • elastic water insulating mass
  • acrylic and epoxy fillers
  • priming preparations and paints
  • liquid universal pigments
  • water dispersion adhesives
  • preparations for removing mould and algae
  • impregnants and varnishes for concrete and natural stone.

An excellent example of the commercialized scientific achievement is the production of photocatalytic paintings based on the modified nano-TiO2. The author of the technology – professor A.W. Morawski from the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecinska sold the license to a regional company – Pigment s.c