Praxisverbund für Dialyse und Apherese (P.D.A.)

High-end medicine in the field of extracorporeal
outpatient therapy
• Diagnostics and conservative therapy in special clinics for internal medicine, nephrology, cardiology and lipidology
• Hemodialysis (high-flux, single-needle), 70 percent hemodia filtration (high-flux), Genius, peritoneal dialysis, hemofiltration
• Pretreatment and follow-up for kidney transplant surgery
• LDL and Lp(a) apheresis for the treatment of lipid metabolism diseases, familial hypercholesterolemia (FH)
• Immunoglobulin apheresis for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
• Clinical studies and application monitoring
• Development and implementation of special training and continuing education programs for medical personnel
We operate in accordance with the guidelines published by recognized medical boards and associations. All our locations feature a modern IT infrastructure and state-of-theart medical equipment. Persons who spend their vacation on the Baltic coast can be treated as guest patients in our dialysis centers. Since all our activities focus on providing our patients with high-quality medical care, our network accepts only practices which can prove that they implement a functioning quality management system in their everyday operations.
Our quality management system meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and is checked with annual internal
and external audits. More and more people require dialysis. The most frequent causes of rhenal failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. Our network cooperates with health insurers on the development of dialysis prevention programs. PDA specializes in the treatment of dialysis and apheresis patients. At five locations in and around Rostock we provide roughly 50,000 dialysis treatments annually. We also have performed over 2,000 highly specialized apheresis treatments. By operating in a network we can provide the best possible patient care, because it enables us to cooperate across specialties and ensure that each provider has access to the latest information at all times.