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From science – for science – into the market
Plasma devices for research and development

Plasma medicine is a rapidly developing field – like laser medicine was 20 years ago. Every day new research groups
around the world are getting active in this promising field for the treatment of wounds and skin diseases. Essential
tools for this research are comprehensively characterized and well described plasma systems (plasma sources). The device is CE-certified for industrial applications such as surface hydrophilization. The plasma source is reproducibly
characterized and well documented in peer-reviewed journals and its therapeutic potential was demonstrated on
many occasions. The device is intended exclusively for research purposes (no medical device).

Gold standard in plasma medicine
The “kinpen“ plasma jet was developed in cooperation with medical scientists, physicists and engineers. Due to its very well documented characteristics, it is set to become the gold standard in R&D in plasma medicine such as the treatment of biological surfaces and structures. With this tool, practitioners are able to move to the forefront of modern international treatment standards. Experiences from numerous disciplines were combined during product development.