Institute of Diabetes "Gerhard Katsch" Karlsburg e.V.

KADIS® - Personalized diabetes management
Measure your own blood glucose level over the course of the day and identify individual patterns
• Optimized therapy management with evidence-based decision support for the treating physician
• Avoid hospital visits
• No revolving door effect
• Optimize your everyday metabolism
• Improved medical expertise
• Save on costs

The TeleDIAB® project team at the Institute of Diabetes “Gerhardt Katsch“ in Karlsburg has developed the unique
KADIS® interactive support program, which is based on many years of research and will soon become available
online as well. Since 2006, KADIS® has been used for integrated diabetic support activities in Germany with great
success. With continuously measured blood glucose readings and self-checking data, the program makes it possible
to develop customized recommendations for optimizing the patient‘s metabolic management under everyday conditions and to provide personalized decision-making support for the treating physician.

The Karlsburg Diabetes Management System KADIS® is a computer-supported, evidencebased program which enables
diabetes specialists to quickly and reliably analyze individual therapy options. The goal is to overcome identified weaknesses in the patient‘s personal metabolism management by predicting his or her expected blood glucose
curve. Based on the treatment guidelines developed by the German Diabetes Society, various therapeutic options
can be identified by varying the following:

• Insulin therapy (dosage, timing, type)
• Oral diabetes medication (dosage, timing, type)
• Exercise (intensity, timing, duration)
• Food (number of bread units, timing, type