Institut für Marine Biotechnologie e.V. (IMaB)

Marine microorganisms are a prolific resource of new technical enzymes and pharmacologically active agents or lead structures. Their special living conditions and functions in the ecosystem force them to produce a vast number of enzymes with unique activities and bioactive metabolites with new structures.

The main Topics of activities at the IMAB are:

Bioactive compounds

  • Screening and characterisation of cyanobacteria and marine fungi producing substances with antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, cytostatic, immunomodulatory or enzyme inhibitory properties
  • Isolation, structure elucidation and analysis of bioactive compounds-cultivation of marine microorganisms
  • Target analyses (Proteomics)

Cold-adapted enzymes

  • Screening of psychrophilic microorganisms with cold-adapted enzymatic activities
  • Cloning and expression of cold-adapted enzymes  

Enzyme production processes

  • Development of bacterial expression systems for the overproduction of thermolabile or insoluble enzymes
  • Optimisation of bacterial fermentation processes 
  • Quality control of recombinant enzymes by proteomics

stands for Microbial Interactions in MArine Systems. The Objectives of the project are:

  1. Adaptation of state of the art molecular biological techniques for metatranscriptome and metaproteome analyses for the determination of complex marine microbial assemblages 
  2. Evaluation of these techniques as future tools for the analysis of bacterial mediated ecosystem functions at two marine model habitats 
  3. Development of software tools for the integration of diversity and metagenome data with gene expression data and biogeochemical parameter



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