Research & development

The development work, ideas and technological expertise are focused on current diagnostic needs in Germany.

Examples include the Monometer® ADVANCE System and the GlucoTel®.

The quality of IMACO´s  production unit

Over the years IMACO developed a comprehensive quality management system in compliance with the strict legal requirements. Before their release, every batch of test strips is tested in their own laboratory in accordance with established laboratory procedures and standards under the direction of a diabetologist (DDG). The same applies to product testing for individual systems.


Advanced production technologies, large production capacities, highly qualified personnel and flexibility are essential for the satisfaction of IMACO´s customers.

Quality laboratory

The medical-scientific department, with its own laboratory facilities for quality control, is headed by an experienced medical specialist for internal medicine and diabetes (DDG).

In the own laboratory, product innovations are tested and product quality is verified through round-robin tests. Individual product batches are thoroughly tested and individually approved prior to market introduction in order to maintain the exacting quality standards.

Customers, doctors, dispensing chemists and consumers can get expert advice at any time by calling the hotline.


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