Gesundheitsinsel Rügen e.V.

Gesundheitsinsel Rügen e.V.

Holidaymakers who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can plan a health holiday on Germany’s largest and most beautiful island. The concept of health weeks for holidaymakers with diabetes is based on the concept of learning new lifestyle habits in a setting far away from the individual’s familiar, everyday environment. Following an analysis of the individual case of diabetes, a holiday programme is custom designed for the patient. Special, health-related services and programmes include games and other sports activities, such as Nordic Walking, aqua aerobics and nature walks, as well as special nutrition seminars, diabetes-related coaching and instructor-led cooking evenings. Physiotherapists, diabetes advisors, medical specialists and podiatrists guarantee a high-quality medical and therapeutic programme, which is offered in a first-class hotel atmosphere. Following each of the various exercise, nutrition and training activities, recommendations are given on how best to apply the newly acquired skills and/or knowledge at home. During the health week, patients also have sufficient time to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the island of Rügen.

Main objectives

The organisation "Gesundheitsinsel Rügen e.V." was founded in 2004 to promote medical care, nursing care and general healthcare for Rügen’s residents and guests. A system of holistic health promotion and preservation is achieved through extensive cooperation between the medical, pharmaceutical, food, tourism and educational sectors. To successfully implement its objectives, the organisation works together with various relevant actors, such as clinics, physicians, health insurance funds, recreational and informational facilities, partner hotels and service providers. It is therefore a highly efficient unit, able to react quickly, flexibly and independently to the special needs of guests, as well to political and social changes.


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