Enzymicals AG was founded in August 2009 as a spin-off from the University of Greifswald. The business idea of the scientists from the group of Prof. Bornscheuer was the transfer of academic research know-how to a customer-oriented platform for the process development of biocatalytic synthesis strategies for high-value fine chemicals. The young biotechnology company therefore focuses on the three segments Enzymes (production of biocatalysts), Chemicals (Synthesis of fine and special chemicals) and Solutions (customer-specific contract research). This focusing is based on a large know-how in biocatalysis and in protein engineering of enzymes for organic synthesis. The close link to the Bornscheuer group allows additional full access to state of the art equipment required for complex R&D projects. Already shortly after the founding the Zwingenberg-based biotechnology company BRAIN AG recognized the potential of Enzymicals AG and acquired a minority share as a strategic investment. This stra- tegic alliance combines the complementary modules of both companies to make up the value chain for biocatalytic production of fine and special chemicals. This national cooper- ation also holds other synergetic effects, e.g. for customer oriented services Enzymicals AG has access to BRAIN's extensive enzyme and metagenome libraries for screening purposes. Identified biocatalysts can then be used for the development of processes, which will be commercialized together. After three years of existence the company got a growth financing from Braun Beteiligungs GmbH, with which, amongst others, the cooperation with Herbrand PharmaChemicals GmbH, belonging to the BBG group, should be strengthened. Besides Herbrand PharmaChemicals GmbH, several other companies from the pharma- ceutical industry belong to the BBG network. In cooperation with BRAIN AG and Herbrand PharmaChemicals GmbH active pharmaceutical ingredients can be developed within this network starting from the screening of suitable enzymes for production up to the marketable product. Further on Enzymicals AG cooperates with LONZA AG to apply (R)-selective transaminases in asymmetric synthesis as well as with Greifswald-based Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V., whereby both organizations unite their competencies in the field of alternative expression systems and functional genome analysis for the production of fine chemicals. The enzyme catalog of Enzymicals AG contains for example patented recombinant isoenzymes of pig liver esterase, novel Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases and (R)-selective transaminases. With these examples Enzymicals AG was able to bring enzymes from different classes to marketable products. In addition to the enzymes offered in the catalog Enzymicals is also able to identify news biocatalysts for specific reactions or to adapt existing ones to them. The resulting combination of tailor-made biocatalysts with optimized chemical and technological synthesis routes enables Enzymicals AG to expand its business along the whole value chain of the white biotechnology industry.

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