Envero GmbH

Transfer of Knowledge and Technology


  • Support at creating and introducing of laws and enactments as a foundation for an appropriate refuse management,
  • Clarification of the role of Financing and waste collection fees,
  • Plannings of introducing an efficient disposal logistic (collecting, seperated collecting, transport)
  • Professional advice on selecting of suitable refuse treatment procedures; for example:

    • Disposal of biological waste (extraction of  biogas and power generation, composting with the target of agricultural use)
    • Application of old tyres

    • Disposal of  hospital litter
    • Landfill scheduling and construction supervision

    • Recultivation of old Landfills > sewage sludge disposal

    • Disposal and Application of industrial byproducts (food waste, textile waste, etc.)

    • Analysing the sort of waste and following ratings
  • Advice on planning of sewage plants for communes and industry,
  • Organisation and feed-through of training and advaned training in area of refuse management for employees of any level.