FNR is also involved in various international activities. On this site you will find more information about the various international projects and cooperation FNR is already involved in, but also about FNR’s capabilities as potential partner in future EU-projects. Additionally, the most important EU-funding programmes are presented and useful hints for further information on respective project applications are provided. Links related to the European activities and contacts in the field of renewable resources can be found on this website as well.

FNR is constantly aiming to look for suitable cooperations and exchange with international stakeholders in the area of renewable resources in order to get a broader perspective and to use synergies between its own and complementary knowledge networks. FNR has already been successfully participating in numerous European projects and has continuously extended its international collaboration efforts.
All these international projects are implemented in the framework of different EU funding programs such as FP7 or Interreg:

Bioenergy Promotion, European Biofuels Technology Platform, EnAlgae, AGREE, R&Dialogue, BESTF - Bioenergy Sustaining the Future, ERA-IB, ERA-NET Bioenergy, WoodWisdom-Net Plus, PLATFORM

Besides being a partner in EU funded projects, FNR is member of working groups and committees operating on EU and global level. The aim is to exchange information and experience about the development and deployment of renewable resources regarding research and development, policy development, legal frameworks and other non-technical issues. Strategies for implementation of innovative sustainable technologies are developed.

GBEP - Global Bioenergy Partnership, East-West-Bioenergy, ERRMA - European Renewable Resources and Materials Association, LMI Lead Market Initiative, EIBI - European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative


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