The network aims to establish itself as leading service provider for analysis and risk assessment of genetically modified plants in Europe, where risk assessment is a prerequisite for market placement. The partners of BioOK hold longstanding experience in essential procedures for the assessment of food, feed, as well as pharmaceutical and pesticide safety. These methods will be adopted in order to analyse environmental and food/feed risks of genetically modified plants and to develop new, simple, standardised, and fast procedures fitting the requirements of the competent authorities (CA).

BioOK is a One-Stop-Agency which

-offers effective and competitive assessment based on interdisciplinary research

-is independant and neutral

-possesses high quality and certified techniques and methods which are harmonised with competent authorities

-offers a flexible and individual set of methods depending on the transgene and the customers demands


BioOK GmbH
Analysis & Assessment of Genetically
Modified Plants and Derived Food & Feed
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