BioCon Valley GmbH

Becoming Germany‘s leading state for healthcare and wellness

As the central point of contact and service provider for the life sciences and healthcare industries in northeastern Germany, BioCon Valley® guides the development of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern into the leader among German states in the field. It also supports the healthcare and wellness sector as well as technology-oriented businesses and research facilities with projects in health tourism, medical wellness, prevention, rehabilitation and technological development. As one of Germany’s “bio regions”, BioCon Valley is part of a German network of providers and offers services for international cooperation, particularly in Northern Europe, as a co-founder of the international “ScanBalt” network of biotechnology initiatives around the Baltic Sea.

Main areas of activity
Modern life sciences are the source of innovative products and services for medicine, agriculture, nutrition and the environment. Core competencies in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are in the areas of diabetes, individualized and regenerative medicine, medical technologies and diagnosis, modern plant and animal breeding, animal health, industrial or white biotechnology. The health and wellness sector is based on natural competitive advantages like a healthy climate and intact landscapes. Together with the traditional strengths of the region such as tourism, a maritime economy, agriculture, and medical competence, a wide range of services are available.

Strong partners
With two university medical centers, 39 hospitals, over 60 preventive care and physical therapy facilities and 59 officially recognized health resorts and recovery facilities, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern offers a superb healthcare and
wellness infrastructure. The subject of diabetes plays a central role in this endeavor.