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Early Identification of patients with diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and cardiovascular comorbidities

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality in industrialized countries, but only a few people know their individual cardiovascular risk profile and the consequences thereof. Apart from lifestyle factors such as smoking, comorbidities (including diabetes and renal disease) play an important role in affecting the course of the disease. The more risk factors are present, the higher the chances of developing a cardiovascular disease. In fact, the occurrence of multiple risk factors increases the cardiovascular risk exponentially. B.A.P. focuses on the early screening of nephropathy, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and other cardiovascular comorbidities utilizing newly developed search tools.
We look at laboratory data, diagnostic data and pharmaceutical prescriptions to identify undiagnosed patients.
Although there are many initiatives to improve the medical care in this specific group of patients, the adherence to established guidelines in a daily routine is still inadequate. B.A.P activities help to improve medical care and costeffectiveness.

Business segments:

  • Clinical research, development and application of screening software for the early identification of patients with diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and premature cardiovascular and/or kidney diseases
  • Software development (including medical „apps“) to improve patient compliance
  • Implementation of quality management systems in health facilities, supplemented by the development and application of SOPs
  • Organization and management of clinical studies, including the development of a web-based infrastructure for data collection and analysis in multi-center studies
  • Data collection and analysis in national and international medical registries
  • Joint projects with health insurance providers such as screening programs for familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) in close cooperation with partners from science and industry


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