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The permanent increase in blood glucose levels is regarded as a major factor in the development of this illness. The normalisation of glucose levels constitutes a key requirement for minimising the development of diabetes-related complications. An appropriate diet, an optimal exercise programme, glucose-lowering medication and insulin contribute to the achievement of this aim.

If a patient develops type 2 diabetes mellitus, an appropriate diet is recommended as an integral part of the therapy. If a treatment of exercise and dietary modification proves insufficient to control the disease, oral medication can be prescribed. Adhering to these guidelines makes it possible to control the diabetes and enjoy an active lifestyle for many years to come.

Following this approach we offer a broad range of modern services directed at prevention, diagnosis and therapy, both at our medical outpatient centre and in co-operation with other medical institutions in Northern Germany.

Our specially trained and certified professionals prepare individual plans for a healthy diet (including training sessions on food-shopping and cooking), as well as suitable physiotherapeutic programmes, such as aqua aerobics, medical training therapy, group courses and relaxation techniques.

Our services for Russian-speaking patients can be compiled from a selection of modules:

  • all services offered on a native-speaker level, thus ensuring a comfortable stay and effective treatment
  • individual selection of the best medical institution for the patient’s needs
  • selection of the medical institution, medical personnel and conditions of stay in consultation with the patient
  • preparation of the necessary documents in the German language for the specific treatment, including video conferences with the medical personnel involved
  • written quote, payment transactions, final invoice
  • travel to and from Germany (special fares from Scandlines and Lufthansa)
  • transfer, accommodation
  • communication, special rates for international calls
  • translation of medical reports into Russian
  • recommendations for further treatment, e.g. aftercare

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We would be pleased to answer any additional questions concerning medical services in Germany.


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